The 50 most empowering medication tips you will ever read…

By: Dr. Cooper, The Pharmacist – Dr. Tremain Cooper, LLC

Never in history has there ever been a more empowering list of medication tips bagged up just for you. These tips are the realest. You can live and die by these. You can bring these home to your family. You can take care of your children with these. You can care for your elders from these. Your family and community will be instantly empowered and at ease. These are for you.

1. A prescription is only the beginning stages to restoring your best health. Too many people believe life is over once they begin a medication regimen.
2. There is the perfect medication for you, your body, and your body chemistry. It’s all about personalized medication.
3. We already know medication side effects are going to happen. Side effects are not a reason to stop a medication prematurely.
4. Medications are developed to sustain your quality of life during illness. As long as you are alive you deserve the ability to be productive in life and the capacity to “turn-up.”
5. There are hundreds of people taking the same medication as you. These other people are your support network.
6. Medication does for the body what the body is struggling to do for itself. For example, if your body can no longer balance it’s blood pressure, then medication helps it along.
7. There is a high level of expertise working to fill the gaps in medication coverage. Specifically, doctors of pharmacy.
8. There is nothing a pharmacist would rather do more than make medications available for you. Some people get it twisted though.
9. Brand name medications will always produce the most consistent results. Always.
10. The generic drug most closely equivalent to the brand name drug is the best alternative. True.
11. If your condition is not getting better, chances are you have an inappropriate medication. Assuming the patient has been adherent.
12. Trying all medications until the prescriber find one that works is a low standard of care. Now we can find the medication that works best for the patient.
13. You should never take a medication that was prescribed to another person. This can be deadly.
14. Scheduling routine comprehensive medication reviews runs the fear out of taking medication. Some patients go years without having medications reviewed.
15. You deserve the best medication. There is such a thing as the best medication.
16. Medication is the best healthy lifestyle motivator of all time. If you are serious you would go all out at the thought of medication.
17. Medication can save and extend life. It’s amazing to think about.
18. A medication-related action plan will become a highly valuable asset for your health. The concept is similar to a financial plan for wealth.
19. Taking high cholesterol medication at night before bedtime works the best. Facts.
20. Medications that are timed-released must be swallowed whole. It’s design to release steady amounts of drug throughout the day.
21. Safety-coated medications must not be chewed or crushed. It will never make it to the bloodstream.
22. Medications are not to be used beyond the expiration date. The medication effects becomes unpredictable.
23. Make sure your asthma inhaler is being held in the proper position. It’s embarrassing to discover you’ve held it upside down all this time.
24. Nuvaring® can be stored at room temperature after leaving the pharmacy and before insertion. It even explains it on the package.
25. You must take the entire days supply of antibiotics or your infection will continue to come back. True.
26. It’s always better to have your medication done right than having your medication done fast. Fatalities.
27. Supporting congressional bill H.R. 4190, gives you access to the best medication therapy this country has ever seen. Get in touch with your congressman. NOW!!!
28. Do not take medication more often than you were told by your healthcare provider. Those patients that self-medicate though…
29. A “medication holiday” is necessary to reset and re-calibrate your body. You’ve probably never even heard of a “medication holiday.” Ask.
30. Doubling the dose of medication does not always mean two times better. It could mean 10 times “better” and you find yourself in the emergency room.
31. Taking high blood pressure medication before mid-afternoon everyday works the best. Blood pressure is highest during mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
32. Medication is chemistry. That means your disease is chemistry.
33. There is a reason why most people have never experienced a bad medication reaction. You shouldn’t either.
34. It’s possible to reach a point when medication no longer works. True.
35. Medication is the greatest supportive healthcare tool that will ever exist. True.
36. It’s no secret; medication was never intended to be a cure. Depending on how you define “cure.”
37. You chose that particular insurance plan. Or you can pay out-of-pocket all of the time for your medication.
38. If you take three or more medications, chances are they are interacting with each other. True.
39. Medication mistakes account for a large number of emergency rooms visits and hospitalizations. People never even consider the medication though.
40. Medication mistakes alone cost taxpayers $300 billion dollars per year. This is only direct costs.
41. You are the captain of the team you have selected to manage your health. We are working for you.
42. You must draft a personal pharmacist to manage your medication. Like this is the NBA Draft or something. With the first pick, patients select Dr. Cooper, The Pharmacist.
43. There are five (5) milliliters in one (1) teaspoonful…One (1) teaspoonful is five (5) milliliters.
44. There are fifteen (15) milliliters in one (1) tablespoonful…One (1) tablespoonful is (15) milliliters.

45. Purchase medication related content. Medication will impact your family at some point in life. You want to be informed.
46. Replace medication conspiracy theories with medication facts. Draw your own conclusions from the facts.
47. Continue to ask questions and seek information. Patients have yet to fully tap into the expertise of their personal pharmacist.
48. Ointments are more potent than creams. A smaller amount of ointment produces a stronger response.
49. Liquids work faster than tablets and capsules. Yes.
50. Take your medication. I’m just saying though.

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