Would you like Dr. Cooper, The Pharmacist to speak at your next conference and/or meeting?  We encourage you to book him by emailing booking@drcooperthepharmacist.com or calling 704-907-5008.  Please make sure to tell us the date, time, location, designated speaking time, description of audience, and attendance expectation for your event.  Below find an overview of Dr. Cooper’s presentation.



PRESENTATION LENGTH:  30 minutes to 1 hour (Presentation can be tailored to meet specified time.)

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Patients, Caregivers, Clinicians (Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Technicians), Manufacturers, and Payers,

PRESENTER:  Tremain Cooper, Pharm.D., BCACP, Dr. Tremain Cooper, LLC

An active community pharmacist in good standing, Dr. Tremain Cooper is licensed to practice pharmacy in North Carolina and South Carolina and is the owner of Dr. Tremain Cooper, LLC, a venture devoted to bridging the gap between community integrity and medication management. Dr. Cooper helps to maintain the safety of patients undergoing medication therapy by providing drug information resources and medication therapy recommendations in an ambulatory care setting for treating common ailments and diseases. Outside of physicians, he is often the first and last point-of-contact for patients seeking medication direction. His work provides access to top notch, proven evidence-based treatment strategies, methods, and education that advances medication therapy management services leading to healthy lifestyles. Coming from behind the counter with medication safety strategies to achieve optimal health is Dr. Cooper.

PRESENTATION OVERVIEW:  The Prescription for Medication Safety: A Practical Approach for Avoiding Medication Accidents is a presentation that gives solid, innovative strategies based in medication safety for patients to achieve optimal intended medication purposes and outcomes for lasting good health. Strategies shared are rooted in

  • Describing the potential for and magnitude of medication accidents that abound in the community.
  • Nonpharmacotherapy used to treat and manage symptoms of disease among patients having two or more chronic diseases, taking over-the-counter medication and herbal and dietary supplements.
  • Pharmacotherapy based techniques likely to help patients experience the intended medication purpose, specifically in patients taking high-risk drugs and taking two or more prescribed drugs.
  • Value of an advanced medication therapy management program for patients undergoing a transition of care or other factors likely to create a high-risk for drug-related problems.
  • Opportunities for patients seeking ways to discontinue taking drugs and achieve optimal health.

SPEAKING FEE:  Negotiable to work with all budgets.