The Misery of a Fever: 11 Recommendations for treating a fever.

By: Dr. Cooper, The Pharmacist – The Voice of Medication – Dr. Tremain Cooper, LLC

One of the most common conditions leading families into the pharmacy seeking relief is fever.  A fever happens when your body temperature elevates higher than 100°F (37.8°C).  The primary purpose of treating fever is to relieve the discomfort associated with it and eliminate the underlying cause of the fever, not necessarily to lower the temperature. Elevated body temperature can be a positive warning that something more serious is going on within the body. However, we do want patients to obtain relief from the discomfort. We have tools to help us do just that. What are the best techniques and strategies available to treat fevers?  The techniques and strategies are circumstantial and patient specific but involve a combination of both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical methods. The most important thing to remember with a fever is to obtain an accurate measurement with an FDA-approved thermometer and never rely solely on feeling the body to measure fever.

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