This Headache is Killing Me: Natural and Nonprescription options for treating the most common headaches.

By: Dr. Cooper, The Pharmacist – The Voice of Medication – Dr. Tremain Cooper, LLC

One of the most common disorders that affect patients in the community is headaches. Headache pain can be so intense; it will literally render people unproductive. There are times people can’t get out of the bed because of the pain. It gets so bad that people miss work, school, and sometimes need emergency care because the pain is disabling. However, there is a large number of nonprescription options; if used appropriately will provide relief and alleviate the associated headache pain so people can continue living productive and active lives. One of the questions I always received from patients seeking relief from a headache is, “How do I know which headache I have and which option to choose?” The answer exists only in the characteristics of the headache and with any symptoms associated with the headache. So below I briefly discuss the different types of headaches patients experience and list some of the most common treatment strategies used to achieve relief from a headache.

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